United States

For more than three decades, SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressants have been promoted based on the false claim that they cure a chemical imbalance in the brain. Although SSRIs have been very helpful to about 15% of the consumers, many people have been harmed by side effects that they were not aware of when they were prescribed the antidepressant. As stated at Antidepressant Risks, “the most dangerous time for those who react adversely to antidepressants is the first few weeks after going on them, around any change of dose (up or down), during and after withdrawal.” Some of the adverse reactions can cause suicide, violence and homicide.    

David Carmichael, Executive Director of Canadians for Vanessa’s Law, is planning to tour the United States in 2023 to discuss how SSRIs have contributed to mass shootings (more than 4 people shot or killed, not including the shooter), which increased 66% between 2019 and 2021 (417 to 691).

During his tour, David will reinforce the message that it is time for the connection between mass shootings and SSRIs to be examined by police and in the courts, and discussed publicly. Many of more than 3,500 mass shooters in the United States since 2013 were on SSRIs. Here is a list, for example, of 37 mass shooters on antidepressants.

In each city, people will be encouraged to participate in public discussions about mass shootings and SSRIs. Before each discussion begins, David will deliver the presentation How to Prevent Mass Shootings and will be screening the 2017 BBC Panorama documentary A Prescription for Murder? about Aurora Theater shooter James Holmes, which includes an interview with David and his daughter about his 2004 homicidal psychotic episode three weeks after starting the SSRI Paxil.

The calm psychotic behavior of David, which is similar to many mass shooters, is captured at the beginning of his interview (16:28 in the film) when he shakes the hand of the forensic pathologist after he was introduced to him by a homicide detective, shortly after being arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of his 11-year-old son, Ian. David describes his calm, organized homicidal behavior and connection to school shooters in this 2018 Mad in America blog post.  

The success of the American tour depends largely on having a suitable venue in each city for the two-hour event about mass shootings and SSRIs. The events will be free and people will not be required to register.

Contact David at if you would like to help him find and book a venue in your city. Canadians for Vanessa’s Law will cover rental costs. After the venue, date and time has been confirmed for the cities included in his tour, David will promote the public discussions by putting one-page announcements on this page, and by reaching out to organizations and the media in each city.