There are two presentations: 1) Know Your Drugs, which is shared in this video, and 2) Preventing Another Opioid Crisis.

Know Your Drugs

BrownBagLunchAug16.18 (2)

David Carmichael delivering the Know Your Drugs presentation at a 30-minute Lunch ‘n’ Learn seminar for employees of a company just outside of Toronto, Canada.  After the presentation, David facilitated a discussion about the importance of making informed choices about prescription drug use.

Preventing Another Opioid Crisis

Preventing Another Opioid Crisis provides insight into the fraudulent concealment of negative clinical trial data by pharmaceutical companies and how they falsely promote the benefits of prescription drugs.

David delivered Preventing Another Opioid Crisis before each Public Discussion about Prescription Drug Safety during his 2022 Cross-Canada Tour, which started on April 19 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and ended on June 23 in Victoria, British Columbia. His tour was promoted by CTV W5Real Life (Australia), Windsor StarGlobal News (Calgary), and 640 Talk Radio (Toronto).

Contact David at if you would like him to deliver this presentation or give a talk in your community, or virtually.