There are two presentations; this Know Your Drugs video presentation and Preventing Another Opioid Crisis. 

BrownBagLunchAug16.18 (2)

David Carmichael, Executive Director of Canadians for Vanessa’s Law, delivering the Know Your Drugs presentation at a 30-minute Brown Bag Lunch for employees of a company just outside of Toronto, Canada.  After the presentation, David facilitated a discussion about prescription drug safety including how having employees who make informed choices about prescription drug use will enhance wellness, reduce absenteeism (including long-term disability) and improve productivity.

Preventing Another Opioid Crisis provides insight into the fraudulent concealment of negative clinical trial data by pharmaceutical companies and how they falsely promote the benefits of prescription drugs, which David learned a great deal about before filing a lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline to put the antidepressant Paxil on Trial.  


Contact us if you would like David to deliver this presentation virtually or in your community.